Easily gaining the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

 as salamu alaykum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatahu:

Easily gaining the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

Advice from Imam Suhaib’s on Ramadan [MCA lecture, Sep 15]


2 things that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is pleased with when His slave does them:


1.      saying “La elaha ilAllah”

a.      so say this in abundance

2.      saying “Astaghforillah”

a.      when the slave says ‘astaghforillah’ it’s not like they’re saying, “Yeah! I got it going on till the break of dawn!” it’s like, “Astaghforillah… I’m nothing…how I mess up..how badly I need Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.”


2 things that the slave should ask for


1.      Allahuma adkhelney Jannah

a.      Allahuma, enter me into Jannah

b.      If you don’t know this in Arabic, he said, learn it. Alhamdullilah we all already know “Jannah.”

c.       Ustadh Suhaib gave advice that we should not ask this for ourselves only, but we should ask this in the plural. Why? Because…

d.      The Prophet, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said: ‘There is no believing servant who supplicates for his brother in his absence where the angels do not say, ‘the same be for you.’ [Muslim]  

e.      If you make this duaa for everyone in the ummah, and let’s say there are 1.2 billion Muslims, imagine 1.2 billion angels  being appointed for you. Allah’s Mercy is subhanAllah unbelievable.

f.       Therefore, one should ask: Allahuma adkhelna Jannah– Allahuma, enter us into Jannah!

2.      ask to be saved from the hellfire




Also, let us not lose out on these easy to do good deeds:


a.      Seeking forgiveness for all of the Muslims. The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, “Whoever seeks forgiveness for believing men and believing woman, Allah will write for him a good deed for each believing man and believing woman.” [at-Tabarani.]


b.      The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, “‘Whoever says subhanAllah wa bi hamdih (praise and glory be to Allah) 100 times, morning and evening, his sins will be erased even if they are like the foam on the sea.” Bukhari, 6042; Muslim 2691

c.      If a person says “SubhanAllah” (glory be to Allah) 100 times, a thousand good deeds are recorded for him and a thousand bad deeds are wiped away. Narrated by Muslim 2073

d.      Remember Allah when you go shopping: “Whoever enters a market and says:
‘Laa ilaha illallah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyi wa yumeetu wa huwa hayyun laa yamoot, bi yadihil khair, wa huwa ‘ala kulli shayin qadeer’[there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, alone without partner, to Him belongs dominion and praise, He causes life and death and He is the Living and does not die. In His Hand is all the good, and He is over all things competent]Allah will write for him/her a million good deeds and erase a million bad deeds and raise him a million levels.” [at-Tirmidhi, classed as hasan by al-Albani]


Find more easy to do good deeds on: http://forum.mpacuk.org/showthread.php?t=3961

*I came across this website through a search, so I don’t really know much about it, but the post is really beneficial mashaAllah.

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