What’s your plan?

Next week, Ramadan is over.

The devils are unchained and already planning to make
us weak in our iman and keep us from doing good deeds.

So what’s your plan for next week? What is my plan for
next week?

As we get to the end of this blessed month of fasting,
praying, reading Qur’an, giving charity, asking for
forgiveness and hopefully forgiving others, are we
ready for the attacks of shaytan next week?

Are we going to be serious about our daily prayers,
about reading Qur’an and doing good deeds? Why should
we not take a few minutes and make a plan now on how
we’re going to continue to worship and obey Allah
subhanahu wa ta’ala after Ramadan. How about praying
ontime, reading one page of Qur’an, sponsoring an
orphan for $1/day (givelight.org), etc.

So, what’s your plan for next week? Those who fail to
plan, plan to fail.

May Allah protect us from failing to worship and obey
Him, and help us to continue on the path of good
deeds. Ameen!


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