advice for the student of knowledge

  1. admin Says:
    November 19th, 2007 at 9:35 am Asalamu alaykum,


    I would stongly encourage students in the West to utilize their local scholars and teachers to the max then think about traveling. This was the way of the scholars before us. As per studies I would also encourage students to focus focus focus on Arabic and Qur’an. Then, after some mastery focus on one of the four schools and learn a simple book of fiqh. In addition, I would focus, after having strong Arabic on Mantic (logic) by studying the Sulam of al-Akhdari or the famous text of al-Zarkhashi [may Allah have mercy upon them both]. Although some might agree with the study of Mantiq, it is almost impossible to study the classic texts without it.
    Finally, I would hope that all of the great brothers and sisters who are studying can formulate some type of institute that would:

    1. Provide services for them
    2. Help them establish institutions in the West for teaching Islam

    As for Azhar then know that it is not easy and, again, I don’t want people to make to much out of it. It is very difficult from and organization point of few and there are some teachers who are not up to par. Thus, it is your call. I would not settle for anything lower then the first year of highschool in the Azhari system.


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